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Our teeth are constantly at work for us and as we age they may begin to wear down.


If you notice a loose or decaying tooth, it may be time for an extraction. Don't worry about any unsightly gaps, as we have many options available for you from single tooth implant crowns or a bridge to span the length of multiple teeth. You will be sure to smile when you leave our office!

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Many Americans today suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) which can cause chronic jaw pain, headaches, and earaches among other things. One of the causing factors of TMJ may be your teeth alignment. While exercises can be effective in helping to alleviate your pain, if it is persistent, you may be suffering from a more severe case of TMJ.  


Let us know if you are experiencing clicking, popping or pain in your jaw joint. We will assess your teeth and begin to discuss your options for recovery. Call us to schedule your next appointment with us.

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